ISM Mastery Model Assessment ®

Master Your ISM2017 Experience


While it would be fantastic to be able to attend every session at ISM2017, unless you’ve conquered time and space, you can’t be everywhere at once. That is where the ISM Mastery Model Assessment comes in.

The secret to getting the most out of your ISM2017 experience is to arrive in Orlando knowing the areas you need to focus improvement. The great news is we have mapped all the sessions to the ISM Mastery Model, so each one corresponds with one of supply management’s core competencies.

The Mastery Model Assessment presents you with scenario-based questions covering 16 core competencies and 69 sub-competencies. By taking it ahead of time, you’ll find out where you have skill or knowledge gaps and can target the sessions that will help you to close them.

Take the Assessment to get a fantastic ROI on your ISM2017 experience.


This level is ideal for front line support professionals or those new to the industry.


If you have solid proficiency, you need to perform higher level transactions and duties.


As a manager or process driver, you need to develop and define strategies to increase efficiency and profitability.


As an executive leader and champion, you need a high level of business intelligence to make the best decisions.

It’s really that simple.