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CPSM Exam 1

CPSM Exam 1 now offered onsite at ISM2017 REGISTRATION CLOSED

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Sunday – May 21, 2017

Exam Time:

8:15 - 8:45 check in

Study Materials

ISM provides a variety of study materials to help prepare for the CPSM® exam. ISM recommends the use of study materials, and advises those taking to the exam to purchase them well in advance to allow sufficient time for review. Please visit our CPSM Study Materials for more information.

Performance-Based Statements of Work


May 19-20, 2017


January 1-April 18, 2017 Member: $1,199 USD / Nonmember: $1,499 USD

April 19-May 20, 2017 Member: $1,399 USD / Nonmember: $1,699 USD


Maximize supplier performance with effective performance-based statements of work (SOWs). This highly interactive seminar provides strategic and practical insight into SOWs that result in successful contracts. It explores specific tools and techniques, and examines typical mistakes. You will gain hands-on experience using actual case studies, case debriefings and Q&A sessions. Don’t miss this seminar if your organization seeks to maximize supplier performance.

Who Should Attend

Supply management professionals from all industry sectors and the public sector who are committed to enhancing supplier performance through more effective statements of work.

You Will Learn

  • When to use performance-based specifications
  • How to evolve your current SOWs into performance-based tools to generate results
  • How to write clear and concise performance-based specifications
  • How to develop effective contract performance measurements
  • Ways to control project scope changes through effective performance-based SOWs
  • How to avoid typical failures associated with poorly written SOWs.

14 CEHYou will earn 14 CEH

Course Outline

  1. Building the foundation: Defining the SOW and identifying its purpose; Different types of SOWs, including public and commercial models
  2. Uses of SOWs: Deliverables, Managing costs, Controlling change
  3. Why use performance-based specifications?
  4. Developing performance measurements
  5. Steps and guidelines for writing a performance-based SOW
  6. Critical lessons for SOW development: Required improvements and controls
  7. Successful SOWs: Effective models, comparisons and key success factors
  8. SOWs' links to project management
  9. Managing deliverables: Documenting requirements, Contract essentials, Managing risk, Ensuring performance results

CPSM® Exam Review Course


May 18-20, 2017


January 1-April 17, 2017 Member: $1,399 USD / Nonmember: $1,699 USD

April 18-May 20, 2017 Member: $1,599 USD / Nonmember: $1,899 USD


This review course will help prepare supply management professionals to take the CPSM® Exam. Participants will gain an understanding of the CPSM® programs and of the breadth of content covered in each of the three exams:

  • Exam 1: Foundation of Supply Management
  • Exam 2: Effective Supply Management Performance
  • Exam 3: Leadership in Supply Management

This course also provides best practices that can be applied to your organization.

The course begins with a brief overview of exam content areas, question format and types, exam characteristics and test-taking tips. CPSM® candidates will spend most of the course working on activities tied to tasks weighted most heavily in the exam specifications and where candidates may expect the most exam questions on the exams. Students will have the opportunity to identify areas for further study using ISM™ published study materials and other resources. Due to time constraints, the course will not cover every task on the Exam. Attending this course does not guarantee successful completion of the exams.

21 CEHYou will earn 21 CEH

Please bring a calculator to this course.

Course Outline

  1. Introduction to CPSM®
    1. Why and How
    2. Certification and Recertification Requirements
    3. Cost, Registration and Application Information
    4. Characteristics and Technical Properties of Exams
    5. Scoring of Exams
    6. Types of Exam Questions
    7. Reference Materials for Additional Study and Preparation
    8. Distribution of Questions Within Exams
    9. Test-Taking Hints and Tips
  2. CPSM® Exam 1: Foundation of Supply Management
    1. Negotiation Planning and Strategies
    2. Supply Management Spend Analysis
    3. Cost/Benefit Analysis
    4. Global Sourcing
    5. Bid Analysis and Supplier Selection
    6. Developing Supply Strategies
    7. Supplier Relations and Management
  3. CPSM® Exam 2: Effective Supply Management Performance
    1. Terms Used in Forecasting
    2. Standardization
    3. Key Performance Indicators
    4. Information Planning and Control Systems
    5. Supply Management Role in Product/Service Development
    6. Project Planning, Execution and Control
    7. Continuous Improvement
    8. Quality and Performance
  4. CPSM® Exam 3: Leadership in Supply Management
    1. Supply Management's Mission and Vision
    2. Aligning with Business Plans
    3. Acquisitions, Mergers and Divestitures
    4. Impacting the External Role of Supply Management
    5. Working in Teams
    6. Supply Management and the Law
    7. Risk Assessment and Mitigation
    8. Strategic Sourcing Plans
    9. Supply Management Analytics
    10. Supply Management Strategies
  5. Wrap-up and Conclusion

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