Move Beyond Restrictive Chains to Enlightened Networks

About This Session

The panel of distinguished experts will chart the future of supply management from the perspective of best practices winning firms use to link a myriad of stakeholders in real time. Winners understand and implement supply network speed, transparency and trust. The panelists will show you how such interdependent networks operate like balanced ecosystems in nature. Simply put, supply networks resemble nature since success results from mutually beneficial, fast, autonomous, balanced and fair interactions. The future is here, but as William Gibson observed, it’s not evenly distributed. This session is not for the faint of heart — you’ll be exposed to radically new ways of thinking that, once accepted, can never be turned back.

Learning Track

ISM Mastery


Joe Sandor - Professor of Purchasing and Supply Management, Michigan State University


Beverly Gaskin - Executive Director, Global Purchasing, General Motors

Elizabeth Green - Sr. Manager, Consultants, EPS Procurement, Process & Support, Northrop Grumman Corporation

Thomas Linton - Chief Procurement & Supply Chain Officer, Flextronics

Mastery Model Levels