Supply Base Optimization Actions to Drive Supply Performance

About This Session

Companies have shifted away from competing head-to-head and toward competing against each other’s supply bases. Due to the immense resources required to bring complex products to market, this session will explore the importance of fostering a close, collaborative supply-partner relationship early on to realize the mutual value created from lean extended-enterprise concepts. It will also examine the necessity of instituting a supplier development program that contains a repeatable supply performance cycle to maintain a healthy, continuously improving supply base. Join the discussion and discover how your organization can execute at a higher level and out-innovate the competition.

Learning Track



Thomas Y. Choi, Ph.D. - Professor and Executive Director, ASU and CAPS Research


William Crane, CPSM, CSCP - Founder & CEO, IndustryStar

Steve Lai - Honorary Chairman, Supply Management Institute (SMIT)

Mark J. Palla - Supplier Diversity Advocate, Raytheon

Sadia Lorentz, CPSM, C.P.M. - Director, Supply Management for Biomedical, Freight & Fleet, American Red Cross

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