Is Your Tail Spend Putting You into a Tail Spin?

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 Signature Session

How effectively are you managing maverick and off-contract spending? Exactly how much money are you leaving on the table? Are you deploying your resources inefficiently? Join our panel of distinguished executives as they discuss the difficulties of gaining visibility and control over micro-transactions and rogue spending. They’ll offer solutions and techniques to help you manage your tail spend efficiently so it can have a direct and positive impact on your bottom line. They will also explore how to optimize your time in reconciling online transactions and ensuring compliance with purchasing guidelines and existing contracts.

Learning Track

Bottom Line


Sundar Raghavan - Director of Product Management, Amazon Business


Drake Paden - Director, IT Procurement, Siemens

Alston Reece - Global Procure to Pay Process Owner for Direct Material & Vendor Master, BD

Brian Smith - CPO, John Hopkins University

Ken Stanick - Director of Customer Success, Amazon Business

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