The Science of Communication

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The science is clear; When we have higher interpersonal intelligence, we earn more income, we take less sick days, we feel more bonded to our team and we are more loyal to our companies. But how can we improve interpersonal intelligence? In this talk Vanessa goes through a series of activities to increase participants PQ immediately. This includes communication strategies, relationship builders and speed-reading clients and colleagues. It’s one not to be missed! Specifically, Vanessa will cover:

  • The 5 Factors of Personality
  • How to Speed Read People
  • The Science of Charisma

Vanessa will also dive into Human Lie Detection. Is there a scientific way to spot hidden emotions in those around you? New research shows that yes, we can detect lies from facial expressions, body language and voice tone. This workshop will change the way you interact.

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Vanessa Van Edwards - Lead Investigator, Science of People

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