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Economic Segment

Supply managers must be adaptable and change strategies and tactics depending on how the global economy – and their own companies — perform. During the Economic Segment tracks, you will be able to tap into the greatest procurement minds in the business who will tell you how to work successfully in Boom or Bust markets using dramatically different approaches for each.


An economic boom creates tremendous opportunities in supply management, especially when it comes to increasing efficiency, but you have to be ready to take advantage of it. The Boom Track aims to prepare you to squeeze the most out of a robust economy by examining the financial contributions and macroeconomic influences that come into play in supply chain planning and execution.

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When economic times get tough, it’s crucial to know how to balance cost cutting while preserving loyalty from the suppliers most essential to creating quality, efficient outcomes. During these sessions, you’ll hear effective strategies and tactics as well as success stories and best practices from some of the biggest brands in the business, and find out how they have weathered the storm during a down market.

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Business Segment

Supply management has evolved into much more than cost cutting and process management, representing as much as 70 percent of the annual spend of an organization. In this segment, supply execs will describe how they not only impact the bottom line of their companies, but also drive the top line through strategic sourcing.

Top Line

The Top Line track explores the growing relevance of supply management, the impact it can have on your organization’s top line and how it can even serve as a revenue engine. Top experts will explore how innovative sourcing can be a major contributor to your organization’s R&D efforts and help grow its income. They will also look at the critical roles that other factors, like risk management and diversity, play in the health of your company’s top line.

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Bottom Line

As a supply management professional, your decision making and influence contribute significantly to your firm’s competitiveness. The Bottom Line Track will introduce you to new competencies and capabilities to help you engage the business more effectively to manage costs, drive savings and improve compliance. It will explore insights, tools and best-practices such as understanding the dynamics of a P+L statement, Spend Management 2.0 and how price differs from value. Join us to learn if you are leaking hard-won savings, whether or not you have a winning organizational design and if you are overlooking your indirect spend instead of looking it over.  

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Professional Segment

Building and advancing your career means a mix of continuing education, savvy networking, effective communication and understanding productivity tools that can help you excel at your job. This segment will feature successful supply management leaders who will explain how they advanced their careers inside and outside of their companies.


The Inside Track is designed to help you pick up the pace in your career and features high-performing supply managers who’ve succeeded in creating professional momentum in a variety of corporate structures, sometimes in very trying situations. This track’s session leaders will provide you with practical advice and winning strategies when it comes to learning the ropes, dealing with stakeholders and managing relationships. They’ll also explain how to claim your seat at the table and discuss C-suite aspirations.

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The Outside Track presents you with the perfect opportunity to learn new and effective ways of improving your skills and establishing your relevance in the supply management field. Some of its brightest minds will share their unique perspectives and tried-and-true tactics for supplier relationship management and multi-tier supplier reliance. They will also discuss career building and transition and cover subjects like establishing your professional presence, exploring related fields of interest, honing your networking skills and building high-value relationships.

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