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ISM 5-star Signature Sessions feature some of the most important names in supply management.


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This level is ideal for front line support professionals or those new to the industry.


If you have solid proficiency, you need to perform higher level transactions and duties.


As a manager or process driver, you need to develop and define strategies to increase efficiency and profitability.


As an executive leader and champion, you need a high level of business intelligence to make the best decisions.


Unleash the Magic of Transformational Supplier Relationships

Far too many organizations give mere lip service to strategic supplier relationships and miss out on truly transformational opportunities. Author, Educator and Business Consultant, Kate Vitasek, will share her award-winning research and insights on how she has helped some of the world’s best organizations make the change from talking to executing. She’ll also reveal five […]

May 22nd / 10:00am

Accelerating Your Career Path with “Insides” from Procurement Leaders

Join this session to discover how you can become actively engaged in making your organization more competitive. Leading CPOs and senior leaders from very different and challenging environments will share how they’ve grown in their careers to develop successful procurement organizations. They will explain what “inside” means to them and reveal what critical skills and […]

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May 21st / 4:00pm

How to Lead a Successful Transformation

At some point, your company may ask you to spearhead its business transformation efforts. In this session, you will hear from leading CPOs as they share their experiences on how procurement became a key enabler of business transformation. They’ll reveal what they focused on, what they learned and how they succeeded. Discover the path to […]

May 22nd / 10:00am

Be a Hero in Boom Times Not Just in Bust Times

During the darkest days of bust cycles, supply management has been instrumental in the success and even survival of our companies. But how do you keep the attention of the business in boom times when it refocuses on top-line growth? Patrick Connaughton with The Hackett Group will share critical insights into the challenges and success […]

May 21st / 4:00pm

Shifting the Focus to Change the Results: Opportunities to Grow the Top Line

Are your efforts aligned with the revenue growth that stakeholders scrutinize and value so highly? Join us as we focus on procurement’s support of the R&D and sales & marketing growth engines. We will cover opportunities and approaches to help you align directly with the organization’s revenue goals and examine through examples how adjusting your […]

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May 21st / 4:00pm

Is Your Tail Spend Putting You into a Tail Spin?

How effectively are you managing maverick and off-contract spending? Exactly how much money are you leaving on the table? Are you deploying your resources inefficiently? Join our panel of distinguished executives as they discuss the difficulties of gaining visibility and control over micro-transactions and rogue spending. They’ll offer solutions and techniques to help you manage […]

May 22nd / 10:00am

ISM Report On Business® Economic Forecast

In this session, leading experts will discuss ISM’s spring economic forecast for the rest of 2017. They will also reveal how procurement professionals can apply the extensive and excellent information contained in it to track, analyze and forecast many business and commodity trends using the ISM Report On Business®. Join us as we share lessons […]

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May 22nd / 2:30pm

Fast Track Negotiations

Understanding the negotiation process is the first step to become an effective procurement negotiator. But mastering negotiations takes leadership, policies and practice. Join expert negotiator Mark Grieco as he teaches you a step-by-step negotiation process and helps you develop a strategy you can use regardless of your experience level. He’ll explain how to deal with […]

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May 23rd / 10:00am

The Science of Communication

The science is clear; When we have higher interpersonal intelligence, we earn more income, we take less sick days, we feel more bonded to our team and we are more loyal to our companies. But how can we improve interpersonal intelligence? In this talk Vanessa goes through a series of activities to increase participants PQ […]

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May 23rd / 2:30pm